Nieuwe introductiecursus start op dinsdag 20 maart om 19.00

Dinsdag 20 maart, om 19.00 begint bij CrossFit Twente de volgende Introductie cursus, aan de G.J.Van Heekstraat 414 in Enschede. De cursus bestaat uit 5 opeenvolgende lessen, drie keer per week krijg je les in de negen basis vormen van CrossFit, Olympisch gewichtheffen en gymnastics. Na de introductiecursus kun je met de reguliere trainingen meedoen.
De eerste les is ook een proefles, daarna kun je beslissen of je doorgaat met de cursus en lid wordt van CrossFit Twente.

Tuesday March 20, at 19.00 CrossFit Twente starts a new intro course. The address is G.J. van Heekstraat 414 in Enschede. It is a 5 lessons course, in which you will learn the nine basic movements, Olympic lifting and gymnastics we use in CrossFit. After the course you will be able to attend the regular classes at our gym.
The first lesson can be considered as a trial, after the first lesson, you can decide if you want to continue in the introduction course, and become a member of CrossFit Twente.

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Elwin ter Avest Nederlands Kampioen MBO CrossFit

Op 7 maart is voor het eerst het NK CrossFit voor MBO studenten gehouden.

ROC van Twente werd door Elwin ter Avest, Martijn Christen en  Lysanne Pruyn vertegenwoordigd. Alle drie zijn tevens lid van CrossFit Twente. Elwin werd 1e bij de mannen, en Nederlands Kampioen,  Lysanne werd 4e bij de dames, en Martijn werd 24e. Mooie prestatie van jullie, gefeliciteerd!601545_159406047550128_1764195057_n

CrossFit Games Open

The CrossFit Open starts! The first workout will be announced in the night from wednesday-thursday (5/6 march). The following ninja’s from CrossFit Twente are competing:
– Benedikt Reinders
– Dan Vegard Pedersen
– Lysanne Pruijn
– Madeleine Loman
– Martijn Cristen
– Nadia Vleugels
– Thorsten Bruning

There are two possibilities to do the workout at CFT: Friday from 18:30 – 19:30 or Saturday from 12:00 – 13:00 (after the regular WOD hours).
Please let Joris Trooster know before Thursday 12:00, or earlier if possible, when you want to do the workout. If there is a valid reason you cannot make it to one of those hours, please contact Joris for another appointment.

On Thrusday Joris will make a schedule, so you know the exact time when you have to perform the workout. The schedule will depend on the number of people, the workout and/or the available judges.

Friday at 18:30 and Saturday at 12:00 a briefing of the workout and movement standards will start. You have to attend the briefing before you do the workout. Note that you are responsible for your own warm up. Make sure you are hydrated, mobilized, stretched and warm on time.

Non CrossFit Twente members who want to do the workout at our affiliate are more than welcome! The fee for non-members is 5 euro for every session.