Pure and raw strength

Get familiar with powerlifting

Powerlifting is about pure and raw strength. The beauty of this discipline is that it’s for anyone. This type of weightlifting focuses on the three pillars of strength training: the squat, the bench press and the deadlift.


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For all levels

As with all our other group lessons, it does not matter what your level is as an athlete. Based on your own experience, our coaches will help you find the best technique based on your body type. As we progress through the techniques, we begin to add up the weight until you reach your absolute maximum. We do this by always working in cycles of 9 weeks where we focus on one of the 3 techniques in each cycle. Exercises such as the squat, bench press and deadlift have great benefits for bone density, muscle size, strength and better posture. All of this will help improve your body composition and complete self-confidence.

Powerlifting coaches and facilities

Our qualified coaches teach you the tricks of powerlifting. We work with all the equipment a powerlifter needs. Think of power racks, rubber and metal plates, special bars such as safety squat bar and trap bar, sleds, heavy sandbags and other Strongman equipment.

Our Powerlifting classes

It doesn’t matter if you want to move as many weight as possible or want to improve your physique or posture. Based on your goals, the coaches will hand you exercises and weights that fit your objectives. During the Powerlifting classes we’ll teach you:

  • How to perform squats, deadlifts and bench presses
  • How to improve your posture and techniques
  • How to improve your strength
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