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Olympic Weightlifting tests and develops explosive strength. The mixture of power and strength expressed through precise techniques is the kind of weightlifting you see at the Olympic Games. At CrossFit Twente, you can get started on Olympic Weightlifting by joining group classes or workshops. It’s also possible to develop your weightlifting skills during personal training sessions. To promote the sport (so you can get a taste of it), we also host competitions like ‘Trekk’n & Stoot’n’.

It doesn’t matter what your level is— our athletes range from all kinds of beginners to a three-time National Champion. You can join the classes to either compete in Olympic Weightlifting, improve your techniques or to simply enjoy the sport. During the classes, we’ll develop your strength and upgrade your techniques. Besides being able to lift more and more weight, you’ll become more muscular, stronger and toned. After gaining more and more experience, you’ll be able to gracefully perform the exercises while handling the right techniques.

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At CrossFit Twente, you’ll find all the gear you need for Olympic Weightlifting. Our dedicated lifting area is filled with platforms, jerk blocks, pulling blocks, a power rack, benches, Eleiko squat racks, Eleiko lifting bars, other specialty barbells and all the chalk you need. Besides great gear to work with, you’ll be trained by the best weightlifting coaches in the area— we take a lot of pride in performing in and winning multiple National and International Championships. And, our coaches are of course certified by Eleiko and/or CrossFit.

Olympic Weightlifting is a mixture of power and strength. Properly executed, exercises like the snatch, clean and jerk become both dynamic and explosive while appearing graceful. During classes, workshops or personal training, we’ll teach you:

  • the correct techniques of clean, jerk and snatch
  • assistance exercises and techniques to develop your strength
  • how use weightlifting to improve performance in other sports

Whether you want to improve your techniques for the CrossFit classes or want to develop more explosive power: Olympic Weightlifting is for you.

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