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CrossFit Unlimited

  • Unlimited credits per month
  • €70/MONTH


CrossFit 4x a month

  • 4 credits per month
  • €50/MONTH


CrossFit Kids/Teens

  • Twice a week €20/MONTH
  • Once a week €15/MONTH


10 Class-Pass

  • 10 credits
  • €130

Drop In


CrossFit Kids/Teens

  • For 16 year olds or younger
  • Twice a week €20/MONTH
  • Once a week €15/MONTH


Private Coaching 

  • €70 per session 
  • Contact us


Our memberships come with;

  • access to all our programs: CrossFit, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Yoga and more
  • the ability to pause, up- or downgrade your membership at any time
  • a €25 set-up fee (including a jump rope and t-shirt, to be received after finishing the introduction lessons
  • a 30-day notice
Book a trial class today or contact us for more info